Cimolai S.p.A. and WW Marine Technologies B.V. have recently signed a joint venture agreement to create a strategic partnership for the development and deployment of an innovative vessel washing station.

Cimolai and WW Marine Technologies’ joint technical team is ready to present a prototype design with cutting-edge technologies for the cleaning and diagnostic scansion of large merchant vessel hulls. The initiative aims at introducing in the market an innovative solution to clean the hulls of large vessels in a fast and environment-friendly way.

For this purpose, Cimolai and WW Marine Technologies will establish a joint company that will contract for the supply and maintenance of washing stations worldwide.

WW Marine Technologies will provide a full range of hull cleaning and diagnostic services, including the operation scheduling and booking platform, with the development of an innovative system of vessel maintenance prediction and emissions reduction control.

Cimolai will design, construct and deploy the washing stations for the joint company.

Cimolai S.p.A. is an Italian privately held Company operating worldwide to design, supply, and build complex steel structures: bridges, stadiums, ship hulls, high-end futuristic buildings, and structures for the offshore and oil-and-gas industry, handling a wide range of commodities (pipes, plate girders, etc.) and up to complete assemblies (modules, platforms, pressure vessels, etc.).
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WW Marine Technologies B.V. is a startup company established in Rotterdam by founders with different and complementary backgrounds, ranging from renewable energies, green technologies to software solutions, coming from a successful experience in the PortXL Accelerator Program. WW Marine Technologies aims at playing a significant global role in maritime green technologies.
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