We are glad to announce that today, January 12th, 2022, WW Marine Technologies received the Research Report of the European Patent Office’s examiner with reference to the patent application filed by WW Marine Technologies on March 30th, 2021.

The invention regards a new and innovative technology for the hull washing and maintenance stations around the world, able to predict when and where the vessels will need to undergo a washing operation from bio-fouling encrustations.

At the heart of WWMT’s invention, there is a machine learning algorithm that analyzes big data obtained with proprietary technologies during the washing operations, as well as other heterogeneous data available from public databases. 

The prediction makes it possible to improve the management of the hull cleaning operations, rerouting the fleets to the more convenient station, optimizing the scheduling and lowering the operational costs, therefore improving the fuel consumption, and lowering considerably the GHG emissions with great benefits for the environment.

In the research report, the EPO examiner expressed a very favorable statement, pointing out that all the 8 claims of the WWMT’s patent are characterized by innovation, as no one before used a similar prediction system. Moreover, the inventive step is clear, as well as the technical originality of the idea. Finally, he stressed that invention can be economically exploited in an industrial application. In a word, the economic importance of optimized management of the washing operations and timings is clear.



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